In The Beginning…

IMG_1062My love affair with the wine country began officially three years ago.  It all started with a simple question.  Where did I want to raise my then 6 month old bustling  baby boy?

At the time, I was in Oakland, living in a beautiful historic craftsman built back in a time where the tradesmen poured love into details like interior cabinets decorated with glass, thoughtfully placed windows, elegant floors decorated with wooden inlay and intentionally selected warm tiles surrounding the hearth.  With beautifully preserved and restored elements like leaded glass windows, dark wood paneling and a full gourmet kitchen that even Ina Garten would envy, the bungalow was a perfect marriage of old and new world architecture.

While my husband and I loved it (well, to be honest, I loved the historic part, he the modern), having a baby put a different spin on things.  I couldn’t escape what lay outside our historically modern oasis.   The car bomb or later described electrical fire was one reminder of city living.  A million dollar house, and a car bomb?  Don’t get me wrong, Oakland is a fabulous bustling city.  With premiere restaurants, funky culture and edgy fashion, it’s no wonder that Oakland is such a popular place.  Add that to being nestled steps away from markets, bakeries and boutiques, with a short train ride away from the big city.  For some Oakland is ideal; for me it was so for awhile -until Bobby arrived on the scene.  I longed for a more relaxed environment to raise my boy.

After my husband and I considered our options, which admittedly took a long time as indecisiveness (as my husband would tell you) runs in my family, we took a day trip up to Sonoma.  I had been before as I was raised thirty minutes away in Santa Rosa, the big city to Sonomans, and had even considered getting married at the Mission. Turned out, the small cozy mission  with room for standing room only, was logistically unfeasible to hold any segment of the guest list.  2 large families both of which are as you’d expect, stereotypically dysfunctional and Catholic.  I love love our families.

When I visited Sonoma I instantly knew the wine country was where I wanted to be.  With a classy, laid back culture, warm and friendly faces, and beautiful landscapes and space for my boy to roam, staying in Oakland was no longer an option.  Ahh, selling a home and moving with a baby was a royal pain in the butt, but absolutely worth it in every way.