Sometimes The Best Things Are In Your Own Backyard

Fig Cafe Fries

Fig Cafe Fries

The other day, my husband and I did something quite radical in our domestic world;  we went on a date.  Not to an event, not to a fundraiser, not to a party, but just the two of us.  At first, it was a little strange trying to figure out what to do just us two and a little difficult not making the usual events part of the agenda.   So, we planned a general destination, without reservations, and decided to venture to a neighboring town, Napa.

For so long, I’ve heard (and read) about a fabulous restaurant in Napa called Auberge .  We started our evening off there.  In addition to being home to a Michelin Star restaurant, Auberge has a bistro & bar.   The best thing about the bistro is the terrace.  Perched above the Napa Valley, the terrace boasts views of vineyards for as far as the eye can see.  On a sunny day, this spot is just divine.  The outdoor heaters even make it enjoyable on cooler evenings.

Tony and I toasted our evening the Napa way, with two glasses of local wine.  Tony’s a dusty red, mine a refreshing rose.  In the middle of our toast, the waiter walked past us holding fries destined for a neighboring table.  With the smell of salty goodness wafting in the air, I just had to have some.  Eventually I ordered some, and eventually they came.   Unfortunately, the smell was not reflective of the taste.  They were average.  Nearly soggy and flavorless, I was a bit puzzled at how that could happen in a Michelin rated kitchen?  After all, my neighborhood restaurant, the Fig Cafe does fries to perfection.

ThomasTony and my plans of staying for dinner, quickly ended.  And, we set off to our next destination.  In the mood for something salty and a bit trendy, we headed over to the Thomas.  With a bar and restaurant, the Thomas had two distinct menus for us to pick from.   The bar was gorgeously adorned with beautiful woodwork and accented with modern details.  This place was the perfect blend of old world and new.  Feeling the pub vibe, Tony and I snagged a booth and settled in.

Out came artichoke chips and a burger.  The best part about the burger was the bacon onion jam, as was the green garlic aioli of the artichoke chips.  Without a doubt, this place makes some killer sauces.  Of course, the fries were better than Auberge.  However, still not like those at the Fig Cafe.

Dream-worthy Burger from the Fig Cafe.

Dream-worthy Burger from the Fig Cafe.

The moral of the story for Tony and me was that while it’s fun to venture out of town from time to time, sometimes the best things are in our own backyard or a short jaunt down the street.  While I could get really philosophical about this whole thought, my one year old is waking up from his nap.  Thanks for reading!


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