Hi, I’m Mary. You could say my life is like a zinfandel, complex and sweet with a little bit of spice.  Welcome to my world!

I’m the oldest of 7 fearless kids.  Nearly all of them have moved to the East Coast.

I’m a full time mommy, part-time lawyer who ditched a life working in a high-rise and a closet filled with nylons, suits and heels for one filled with lounge-wear, flats and diaper bags.  Swapping the concrete jungle for rolling vineyards, endless farms and warm faces, was the best thing I ever did.

After having my first son, my husband and I decided to look for a more simple life.  A small town, Sonoma, near my hometown found me.  With baby number 2, my husband and I heard the call of the wild and moved to an even smaller town, Glen Ellen.  In Glen Ellen going to the grocery store or post office is an event.  Getting to the city is a major trek requiring driving to a freeway, crossing a bridge, and endless hand sanitizer.  We’ve endured floods, wasps and rabies out here.  And, we’re still here because we love it.

I believe chocolate should be its own food group. I am grateful that Costco sells butter in bulk. I am not afraid to use heavy whipping cream, in almost anything.

Cooking is my therapy.  Drawing inspiration from Julia Child, Alice Waters and amazing local chefs, like Sondra Bernstein, I enjoy experimenting with the local produce which is abundant, beautiful and delicious.  When all else fails, I have my gumbo in the freezer.

Chronicling life out here is my hobby as it’s so different from my life of days of past.  Follow me as I savor life wine country style.

Thanks for reading!

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